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Tera online master secret guide by Veliks
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The highly successful and intesepated MMORPG Tera online enabled access for pre-order customers on  April 2012. Players who bought their copies of the game in advance were rewarded with a ten day head start before the game begins its general release for North America on  May 2012. The highly anticipated action based, hack and slash MMORPG was released in Europe too at same time of year.

This game is alot differant than most mmorpg’s on market today and revealed a new 3d game engine that amazed experianced western gamers.

Veliks Guide is written, updated and maintained by a team of professional gamers who also created the best selling Aeon SWTOR Guide. It is composed of highly experienced players who have dedicated themselves in creating a well-designed, easy-to-follow and complete guide that aims to help players enjoy the game. The team is exclusively formed of professionals in the field of MMORPG games that have tried a variety of strategies and countless hours of gameplay. A complete step by step walk through of the entire game of Tera that will take you from level 1 to level 60. It will show you where the quests are, where the objectives are, and best of all it’ll show you the most efficient way to do the quests, character build, pvp  gears,  and even states when it is better to skip a quest.

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